Welcome, stranger, to the city of Amavero. No doubt you've noticed things are a little odd here. Everything's great, even if you can't leave or die, y'know, for good. Okay, maybe it isn't easy, living somewhere with people coming from different times and places, but at least it's interesting, I suppose. Makes you wonder, though, if that story they told us about the goddess making this place her toybox really is true... but that couldn't possibly be how I will have lived... right?
August 1st - Hey guys! Summer's nearly over, so if you're interested in our summer splash event, I'd highly recommend swinging by to participate soon, otherwise it'll be closing at the end of the week. We've also got an activity check floating around, so be sure to post in that to save your characters when you get the chance. That's it for now, stay cool folks!
July 9th - With our activity check out the way, it's time for our first event: a little bit of a summer splash! Not only can you beat the heat with the sea and sand, there's a new contest to participate in. Do you think you have it takes to be the Lord or Lady of the Beach? Find out, if you dare!

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Selene the Chatbox
selene would like to ask that you...
> play nicely with everyone else.
> don't be a drama llama.
> put some clothes on.
> don't talk shit if you don't wanna get hit.
> have fun!
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